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Scholarship Gifts - Sponsor a Student in rural Guatemala

Support a Student. Change a Life.

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The Scholarship Program is expanding, thanks to people like you who realize what a difference the opportunity to get further education makes.

We began the program in 2018 with 17 students. Now there are 37 students, ranging in age from 12 to 39, receiving help to go to middle and high school, public and private, vocational school, and even university, which was unheard of when we began. This year there are 10 university students, and 6 of those started with a scholarship for 7th grade.

School is mandatory in Guatemala only through 6th grade. After that, much of the costs are borne by the family, and most families cannot afford to send their son or daughter to school, rather than having them go to work to earn money for the family. Our scholarships cover tuition, uniforms, all supplies, transportation, and the cost of their labor.

The three levels are

  • $300 for local or government schools
  • $600 for vocational (sewing, baking, barbering, etc)
  • $900 for private school or university.

Any amount supports a student through the general scholarship fund. Thank you!